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barranca Le 27/08/2017

bonjour j ai passe le w end du 26 aout chez vous ,nous avons ete tres bien recu par les deux jeunes femmes a l'accueil et tout particulierement par JOHANNA qui a notre depart a ete tres gentille et ensuite s etant rendu compte que nous avions oublié le cable chargeur de telephone dans la chambre ,nous a appelés sur le portable et c est proposée de nous l envoyer par la poste a notre domicile .un grand merci a JOHANNA pour sa gentillesse et son professionnalisme .merci de faire part de ce message a cette personne qui merite une gratification de la part du responsable de l hotel ,c 'est grace a du personnel de cette qualité que nous reviendrons .bien cordialement ,BARRANCA

Wendyruf (site web) Le 29/01/2013

0 railway carriage shellBittydesign launched the new Striker - SR 2The RTR products,based on the Savage platform Toy Cars research and growth,it is equipped with a 15 cc gasoline engine,equipped with the new cooling system and debilitate systemEquipped with a large number of drunk performance upgrade parts,including Icon Vehicle Dynamics aluminum shock absorbers, Poison Spyder Rock Brawler anticollision, Maxxis Trepador tires, Walker Evans Racing wheelsMoreover, the latest electrical or electronic technology and digital technology are also the first time applied to the RC CarThe pile shell accesses to the inclusive motors authorized manufacturing, with the trunk covered before stickers body sticker and spraying defend paperThe rear used the insincere rocker arm shock absorber,adjustable suspension connecting rod,adjustable steering components and very beautiful steering gear to sit all appeared on the new heap 112
The motor vehicle shell has been used on the side of some RC toys time by means of mill driver already officially release,constant amelioration in the realized defy processSWorkz launched S350 BK1 off-road vehicle PSP upgrade fixed printing(upgrade pro tackle Power Steering Package)The new wheels contains new receiver Directors, new in the forefront lessen arm, the new steering components Because it is the Paraphernalia version,players are rid to go with inclined to remote command and electronic appurtenances,and players can elect 3 or 4 connecting rod set in the meeting processThe new one-eighth Nitro GT remote oversee motor,named GT 011 Be talented to provide high-speed stability of walking, curve steer response also contain a invariable recuperation

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